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I don´t know what I was thinking when I started working as a telemarketer as an undercover journalist… I wont´t lie to you: It was hard. I have been working as a telemarketer for more than a year and It was really awful. I don´t know if this is the same all over the world but, for me, when you work as a telemarketer is like you are nobody, not for your bosses, not for the clients and sometimes not for your colleages. I think writing this book was necessary to show the world what happens when you work as a telemarketer, at least in Spain. This is my story.

I think our job, as journalists, is to give a voice to the voiceless and this is what I did. If you want to know what happened, buy my book «Sorry, I am a telemarketer» on Amazon and read it:

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«Sorry, I am a telemarketer» This is my best job as a journalist. I worked as a telemarketer for writing this book for a year. If you have worked as a telemarketer, you «hate» telemarketers or you are studying Journalism, you have to buy this book.
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